RICOH GR IIIx Settings


I was gifted a RICOH GR IIIx for christmas by the lovely @nietzschesandcream and it has fast become my favorite piece of kit. Over the last decade I have hopped between ecosystems lusting over lenses and struggled to have the correct tool on me for the right moment. The simplistic Ricoh satisfes all that lust in a small focused form factor. The GR shouldn’t take good photographs in this day and age of smart phones. But it does.

Rabbit GTI

A scenic romp in a 1986 VW GTI

I find that 40mm is perfectly suited to my needs. The static focal length allows me to focus on composition, framing, and making a distraction free image. Although this may sound similar to a smart phone the distraction free nature of the tool for the moment eliminates distractions.

Japan 2023

My Current Settings

Last Updated Monday, Feb 26, 2024

My default settings 99% of the time. These are a good start but you should absolutely tune them for your needs.

I tried to write these sequentially through the menus.

Japan 2023

Gundam Factory Yokohama

Japan 2023

Japan 2023

Japan 2023

Tori Gates